Monday, January 21, 2008


Most of the time Emily was used to disappointment. Still, when the stars fell from the sky, it startled her. She schooled herself against all expectations, but went right on wildly jumping into the arms of hope, then jumping back into herself - rocking herself alone in the night while the leaves spoke summer words and cars went by. Their tires made a splashing sound on the empty street and little bugs splashed on the screen. Emily was used to bitter disappointment, and knew already, even before her wish was formed into words, it was no use to wish for what she wanted. Emily remembered walking in her bare feet in the park one day. The wet grass under her feet hid a shard of broken glass, well no, not really, she saw it before she stepped on it, and then, pain, of course, but also her wish - that someone would look a look of kindness upon her today, because of the glass - an accident. But she knew better, and bandaged the foot by herself, then huddled over the pain, savored it for herself. It was of no use, to wish, forget it! She was used to it, before her wish shaped itself, the leaves whispered, stars fell, little bugs splashed - rocking, she sought the wish itself - no, it was not going to happen.

* The oldest meanings of the word affliction include a vision or spiritual sight that follows upon a time of darkness and torment.

I wrote about Dr. Rogers' other book here.

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