Thursday, August 16, 2007

I know it probably seems like I'm making this up, but I swear I'm not.

My brush with fame continued at work today, as two more Friday Night Lights cast members actually came through my line. They were together. It was Julie and Saracen's Grandma.

When they walked up to the register, "Julie" tossed a container of cheese from the salad bar onto the register and said, "I don't know how to weigh that." Beat. "It's cheese."

Thanks, Captain Obvious. And though I very nearly did, I still didn't say anything about the show. I did, however, make a resolution to myself that if this guy, this guy, or this guy come in, I'll simply have to tell them how much I admire their jobs. Because they're my favorites. Also, "Julie" has really big boobs.


bryan h. said...

I have huge crushes on the three people you reference.

The Fire Next Time said...

Me too! But I guess we've already talked about this. And by talked, I mean gushed like schoolgirls about how awesome they are.

Tom Drew said...

That last guy is a girl. Or at least he looks like one. And now I think you're winning.

All I got at work tonight was a really loud guy yelling at me about a magazine (so loudly and rudely that other customers were talking about him afterwards), and the fun task of sweeping up chocolate-covered sunflower seeds (gag!) that some kid spilled all over the front of the store.

Yup, you definitely win this round.

zen imbecile said...

Kurt and I have seen the middle guy twice. Once at Vulcan South with his little Jack Russell terrier who, according to the actor, was farting up a storm. He rode his bike to the video store. Isn't that cute?

The second time he was on the flight to LA we took for Aaron and Debbie's wedding.

Stacy said...

I've seen the coach's wife at whole foods, the coach's daughter at Book People, the hot hot hot football player at the airport, and I know Tyra's Mom. I also met the quarterback's best friend, who is incredibly nice and easy going.
I know they are really real people, but, I feel like I know them and they know me and we're friends.
So, when I see them, I have to resist the urge to say, "Hey, how ya doin?"