Wednesday, August 01, 2007

The times, they are a changin'

Apropos to my previous column, I found an interesting little write-up regarding how the Clinton, Obama and Edwards campaigns are promoting their upcoming historic Human Rights Campaign "Gay Debate." Though I'm not actually all that interested in the debate itself (I already have a pretty good idea of where they all stand on the issues I care about re: the mo's; I think it'll just be more softball questions and vague answers), what does interest me is how they're putting the word out, and what kind of parties they're having beforehand.

Clinton, apparently, is holding a $50 a ticket shindig at West Hollywood, gay hipster hell nightclub The Abby (and I can say that with authority, because I've been there). I think it's cool that she chose an actual gay nightclub to host it.

Obama and Edwards are both having parties on La Cienega, with notably less overt gayness.

The blog Good as You has a rundown of each candidate's website advertising. It's worth a looksy.

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