Friday, October 05, 2007

Damn you, Goodreads!!

As if it isn't enough that I get 85 spam emails a day from fucking MySpace, from all kinds of girls that want to "talk" to me, but now I'm getting them from Goodreads??!?!

Has this started happening to anyone else? I don't know why I figured Goodreads would be immune to that, but I did.


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Tom Drew said...

It hasn't started happening to me, thankfully. And perhaps your MySpace problem is just a phase. I had a period this spring/summer when every time I checked my email - and you know I do this with staggering frequency - I had another email from "Britni" or "Amber" or "Stefanee" (always, always girls) who'd just gotten out of a relationship and wanted to have some fun, and I could even look at their pics! Thankfully I knew their pages would be plastered with all kindsa sparkly shit that would take eons to load, so I never bothered. But those days seem to be behind me. At least Facebook doesn't seem to have this problem.

(It's not often that the comment is longer than the original post, huh?)