Tuesday, June 13, 2006

2 Totally Random Pictures

Deneise and me in the wagon last weekend. This was after most of it, but before the second flat tire and the bonfire. Nevertheless, we were fairly appalled that anyone would take a picture of us.
My goose, with her eggs. Incidentally, there are now 10 more little tiny, yellow, fuzzy ducklings that I visit in the mornings. They like to run in a circle and cheep a lot. I love them.


KIRA said...

i found your blog while looking for blogs from tec de monterrey students. i graduated in 99 & just wanted to thank you for all the pictures. one can get to miss that place a lot.

ryan said...

Oh cool, thank you! Do you live in Mexico?

KIRA said...

i live in LA. but lived in mty for about 6 years. in "residencias" the first couple of years. hahaha. anyway, as the hiking club "club de montanismo" to take you to "matacanes".