Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Maybe I should call the ACLU.

This afternoon, Jaisen and I went to the mall to go shopping at this Spanish store called ZARA that Jaisen totally loves, but there are only, like, 3 of in the U.S. or something.

So I'm sitting there waiting on Jaisen while he tries on every goddamn piece of clothing in the entire store, and the sales guy starts totally chatting me up.

He was super cute and spoke very good english, and wanted to know everything about me, and actually wanted to hang out with me tonight, and was all asking me where I would be going, and at what time and for how long, etc. etc. I was quite flattered, and actually sort of looking forward to the prospect of possibly hanging out with him, even though I leave in 2 days (!!). So then he asks me how old I am, and when I tell him 29, he starts laughing, and tells me he can't hang out with me because I'm too old. I ask how old he is, and he says 19. Then he tells me I should tell people I'm no older than 21, because they would believe me, and that no one will hang out with me if I tell them I'm 29. And he's serious. Then he's all, "Sorry, man, I can't do it. You're just too old." and he goes back to folding clothes. And he's still giggling.

I hope his car catches on fire on the way home, and his whole body is horribly disfigured and he has to go through life with a burned-off face.

Then on the way home we decide to stop for dinner since we were at the mall for, like, 6 days, and Jaisen tells me a story about being on the elevator with one of the Baylor assholes last week. Apparently Baylor was just looking at Jaisen and then said, "You look nice today. Is your roommate rubbing off on you?"

Jaisen said he didn't really know what the guy was implying, so he just sort of shrugged, and then Baylor asked, "Do you let him watch you get dressed?"

How fucking weird and creepy is that???

Jaisen told me he said that he refused to answer such idiotic questions. And these questions came from the one that I recently found out wants to be a therapist. That really hurts my feelings. Apparently he used to want to be a doctor, but he drinks too much and his grades are too bad. So he's settling for psychiatry.


Mandy said...

I totally fucking love Zara, but the prices are so expensive here in the US (versus Europe or wherever, where it is way cheaper). They recently put one in the Dallas Galleria.

Remind me never to get my head examined by that one guy.

And you could totally pass for 21. I wish I could.

ryan said...

The prices at ZARA here are actually very reasonable. None of the shirts are over $50, and most of the pants are about $60. I found several things I wanted to buy, too, but their stuff is all a little big for me. And they have nothing in small. Which is really just as well, since i'm so po-po.

zen imbecile said...

Hmmm. That's the most obvious case of latent homosexuality I've ever heard of in my life.

ryan said...

Um, yeah... They're all completely obsessed with the gay to the point of it almost being comical.

zen imbecile said...

Did I ever tell you that almost every man I knew who went to Baylor was gay? Granted they were all on the debate team. But still!!

Stacy_Storie said...

Well, you know how I feel about Baylor people...the bears...