Thursday, June 01, 2006


So, after writing the last post I went to grab some breakfast and then go check on my ducks and my goose before class, which I've decided I'm going to go do every morning because it makes me feel good. I felt like the biggest dork this morning. The pond is surrounded by people, and I walk up and see my goose, sitting on her eggs, and this huge, involuntary smile crosses my face, I'm almost beaming. I love that goose. So I sit and look at her for a few minutes, then decide to go find my ducks and see how their morning's going. And lo and behold, the horror I see in front of me is one of the little ducklings floating dead in the pond. I was so sad, ya'll, I seriously almost cried. So I looked around for the mommy and remaining duckling, and found them strolling around, side by side, in the brush by the pond. I felt so bad for them, walking together in mourning. I hope they find solace in one another and that the remaining duckling makes it all right. No mommy duck should have to lose more than one duckling. And since there's only one left, it makes me think she probably lost more, because don't most fowl give birth to batches, or litters, or whatever they're called when they're ducks? Like, the goose has tons of eggs. I hope they all make it.

I ran into my professor, and my friend Christy from the last post, walking around together after my class, so I took them to the goose too, so they could see. Christy took a picture that she's supposed to email me, so if and when she does, I'll post it here so ya'll can see this amazing goose for yourselves. Christy tried to get a picture of the duckling, too, but it kept moving too much, so I don't know if any of them came out. But if so, you'll get one of those too.

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