Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Misguided revenge can be so sweet, but really it seems like a whole lot of homos trying desperately to "pass" to try to make themselves feel better

Nevertheless, I kind of want to do it.

You know, just to see if I could pass.

Don't laugh. I'll have you know that 2 weeks ago, I was out with 2 straight girls, 3 gay guys, and at a gay bar, and one of the girls who didn't know me was totally hitting on me, then asked if I was straight. She was surprised (and disappointed!!) when I said no. Go figure. (And I might have considered at least making out with her if she hadn't been so fucking annoying.) Then the other gay dudes agreed that I was the "straightest" of the bunch. Except when I laughed. My laugh, apparently, is really gay.

You know, a few years ago I would have appreciated being able to "pass," even among my fellow fags, but now it just feels like I'm doing something wrong.


Mark said...
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bryan h. said...
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ryan said...
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Anonymous said...

Maybe I can give you some lessons.


Edw. Dixon said...

I agree with much of what was written, but the sweeping "Do you think anyone else would take in a 5-year-old black boy with HIV? Maybe for the monthly check, but even then, I seriously doubt it." is utterly ridiculous. The average person? Maybe not. But plenty of other people do and have. Plenty of people have made a point of fostering/adopting children with serious disabilities and even terminal diagnoses. These are two good men, but they are not unique. Don't let sloppy or overly tendentious writing serve as an implicit insult to the many people who share this couple's sense of compassion.