Thursday, November 09, 2006


Dudes, check out this picture of Rick Santorum's family. Are they for real?
What a weirdo!


zen imbecile said...

The horror film remake of Royal Tenebaums! Why do the children all look so pudgy?

To be fair, however, the camera angle is designed for maximum visual cruelty.

PS: I put up a post today.

matt said...

I have no idea why this came to me, but I predict the oldest daughter in the back will be in some crappy punk band someday. And will eventually record with Courtney Love.

ryan said...

Dude, when am I gonna record an album with Courtney Love??

Rick Santorum's wife looks just like that lady in "The People Under the Stairs" that abuses children, hates black people, and eats the poor. Literally eats them. She's a cannibal. And Rayanne from "My So-Called Life" is her daughter that she boils in a bathtub.

But I digress. I hope all his kids are gay.

matt said...

'Santorum' is a perfect bad punk bandname.

Kurt said...

Looks like the cover for the new Decemberists record.

bjh said...

dan savage's thoughts on rick santorum's loss and ted haggard's firing (he has less empathy than you did):