Friday, July 06, 2007

3 Hookers and their grandmother

Anyone who knows me knows that Sex and the City is my second favorite show of all time, and that I've seen every episode of all 6 seasons at least 3 times, and that the final episode makes me get all teary-eyed every time I see it, even though I've seen the final episode about 5 times. But even I think this ship has long sailed. 4 years ago I would have been all over it, but come on. Aside from the obvious reasons why I'm just over it, they all ended up married and happy at the end of the series. What could the movie possibly be about? How they all get divorced now that they're 45? Who cares.

But a movie I am excited about is the new Golden Compass movie, based on the kids books. I'd never even heard of them until I came to North Carolina, and Matt's obsessed with them and pretty much forced me to start reading the first one (there are 3). I'm a little over halfway through, but if you like kids books about witches, cannibalism, alternate realities, people called Gobblers who kidnap children, bears that wear armor and are warriors, alcoholism, gay angels, and children in possession of weapons that can actually kill God, then the Golden Compass books are for you.
The trailer:

Matt wants to dictate right now (I'm at his house): "What was I saying? Something about Darfur. I don't even know where Darfur is. Where is Darfur?" Me: "Africa." Matt: "Are you writing about my ignorance of Darfur?" Me: "Yes." Matt: "I'm gonna read it in the morning and then I'm gonna beat your ass. I'm gonna beat your ass, Mr. Fast Typer. What's happening in Darfur right now? I'm gonna sound like an ignorant bastard. Note to self: find out what's happening in Darfur tomorrow, even if I have to ask a seventeen-year-old intern." Laugh, laugh, giggle, giggle. Matt: "You fuckin' bastard. I'm gonna set my alarm early tomorrow, even earlier than I have to, just so I can smash your face." More typing. Matt: "Second note to self: set alarm 50 minutes earlier, smash Ryan's face." Me: "Keeping up a blog is hard." Matt: "You poor thing. Keeping up a blog is hard. My blog is hard right now."


Tom Drew said...

Okay, you've sold me on The Golden Compass.

Anonymous said...

I just feel the need to go on the record. Upon further inquiry, I have found that Ryan has no idea what is happening in Darfur either. He only knew that it was in Africa. Also, he is a smug bastard.


The Fire Next Time said...

Upon further reading, this blog entry isn't nearly as funny as it was last night. Also, Matt woke up 50 minutes early this morning not to smash my face, but just to get up and comment on my blog.

Yes, I am a smug bastard.

Stacy said...

I read the Golden Compass books years ago, to Annalise as bedtimes stories. They are amazing, mesmerizing. I'm not sure how I stumbled upon then, probably my cool friend, Meg, but we had fun with Lyra and with trying to see our daeomn, which is for me, of course, my dog, Keni.
Annalise's was a fox that was sometimes a cat.
Fucking awesome books...

bryan h. said...

I'd like to read those books, but not until after the excitement of the last Harry Potter book has faded for me.
Was Matt drunk while he was dictating?

The Fire Next Time said...

But of course. And for once, I wasn't. But probably should have been.