Wednesday, November 28, 2007

The Holy Grail of Friday Night Lights sightings.

Well, in all honesty, the true Holy Grail might be a slight toss up, but nonetheless, at work last night, I saw none other than Zach Gilford, aka, Matt Saracen.

I was at my register, and he started to get in my line, but then saw an open register and went to that one. My heart leapt, I stopped what I was doing for a second and watched him go, the way I might watch an ex-lover who has seen me in public and walked the other way. I knew it was him; there was no doubt. I quickly finished with my customer, then shut off my light and left my register to find some excuse to walk over to where he was.

Had he come through my line, I would have stuttered something retarded about how I wanted to have his babies; I wouldn't have been able to avoid it, I was so star-struck. But seeing as how he was now with someone else, and there were other people in that line, I couldn't just walk up and melt in front of him and get his shoes wet, so I had to devise another plan - which became taking his cart from him.

He was clearly looking for a place to leave it, so I cheerfully said, with lots of eye contact, "I can take that for you." He sort of pushed it towards me and mumbled, "Thanks."

He's not very friendly, that one. He had a standoffish vibe and shifty eyes. I think he noticed my staring at him.

Maybe Coach Taylor was just extra hard on him at practice yesterday and he had to stop at the store on the way home and get groceries for his grandma and he was just tired. The irony, though, is that I don't know a single person outside of my group of friends that watches that show. When Scott Porter came through my line that day I asked nearly every single person in the service department if they watched they show or knew who he was because I wanted to share my excitement, and not one single person did.

You hear that, Saracen? You're safe there. No one knows you. I'll take good care of you. Just come back.


Tom Drew said...

I get exactly the same response from all of my coworkers when someone from FNL drops by the store: "WHO?" Fortunately, I have you to get all excited with.

I've seen one of your potential Holy Grails, but I still think QB1 conquers all.

And I love that smiley picture.

bryan h. said...

I thought about this all day. Now I'm going to have an even harder time getting any shopping done at CM.

stacy said...

Matt is shy...he's not standoffish, just shy.

Kelley said...

I watch it! I've even been an extra, but they don't let us unwashed masses anywhere near the holies.:)

I know how it feels to not have anyone to share the FNL excitement with, too. No one I know in Austin even watches the show. Strangely, I had my Property of Dillon High Football shirt on at work, and an auditor from Pittsburg, of all places, came by and started rhapsodizing about the show with me. So I guess they know good TV in Pittsburg.

There are tons of people who regularly work as extras on FNL who have never so much as seen a single episode. Bizarre.