Thursday, February 07, 2008

Putting my (lack of) money where my mouth is

I've gotten rid of my car.

Not by choice, really, but that's still the fact. Driving home from some errands the other day, it started sputtering and died. It would start back up, but when I tried to accelerate, it would go nowhere then die.

Luckily I was only about a block from my house, so a nice neighbor that happened to be outside helped me push it around the corner in front of my house. I had it towed to a nearby shop, thinking it was just the fuel filter.

Well, it was the fuel filter, but it turns out the fuel filter has been blocked for some time now, not giving adequate fuel to the engine, which is now destroyed.

To repair it, I'm looking at a minimum of about $2500.

I've actually accepted all this news with an uncharacteristic zen-like calm.

Obviously, I can't afford to fix it. My parents can't really afford to fix it, nor would I really expect them to. I also can't afford a car payment at this point, so I'm pretty much fucked.

No more car for me. I can walk to work and take the bus to school, and luckily I live close enough to the central area that I guess my bike is going to start getting a pretty good workout.

I just finished paying off that goddamn car two years ago (after paying $250 a month for 5 years). Except for this issue, it's still in really good shape outside and inside. It's run well, gets good gas mileage. Considering it's 10 years old, it doesn't have that many miles on it. I've tried really hard to take good care of it with regular oil changes and tune-ups. I was really counting on it lasting me another good 5 years. It's just such a waste to throw it away, but I don't really have any other options at this point. Plus, I really like that car. I think it suited my personality quite well.

It's times like this that I feel like I'm being constantly tested by some sadistic universal governing body and I'm getting really sick of it. Stuff like this also makes me question if I can really hack being a poverty-stricken student for another 5 years. That 2-year Master's degree is looking more and more appealing.

I can live without a car. It might be really inconvenient at times, but I can do it. I'm just glad I already starting getting familiar with the bus last year, or I'd be really panicking right now.


Tom Drew said...

I meant to ask last night what the verdict was. I'm sorry.

Mandy said...

Well, at least you're reducing your carbon footprint...

Poor dead car. :(

Kat Candler said...

Argh! Sorry to hear about the transportation!
That sucks. Let me know if you need a ride anywhere!