Sunday, March 16, 2008

"Friday Night Specials...."?

Apparently, a former aide to James McGreevey has come forward with assertions that he used to have hot and heavy 3-ways with Gov. McGreevey and his wife before they divorced.

He looks pretty cute, too. And I guess I never noticed that Gov. McGreevey's wife is kinda foxy too! I mean, McGreevey must have a really nice personality, because I'm sorry, he ain't that cute. I mean, he's not a beast, but really, I wouldn't look twice at him on the street.

How do you think it worked? Do you think they took turns with her, or she had a strap-on, they both took turns working over the Guvner?

Okay, sorry. I'm just sort of fascinated as to how two homos would have a 3-way with a woman.

But really, the most baffling part of it all is...why on Earth did they have dinner at T.G.I.Friday's??!?! I mean, that's enough to put anyobody off sex, no matter how attractive the partner....

I mean, open marriages and bisexual 3-ways are one thing. But TGIF? Now that's just tasteless.


Tom Drew said...

What's weird is that McGreevey looks frighteningly like one of my favorite professors (also a gay).

I'm totally with you on the "aide" - although he doesn't look quite so nice in the other picture, with the shorter hair - but Mrs. McGreevey? No thanks.

bryan h. said...

I agree with you about the TGIF thing. What a weird combination of the sublime and the banal.