Sunday, March 09, 2008

Sunny Days

After a late breakfast this morning (and by "late," I mean at 10:30), Clay and I rented a Zip car and drove to some tourist destinations, such as the Golden Gate Bridge, Coit Tower, Ghirardelli Square, the wharf, and Lombard Street. Clay's only lived here for a few months, so he hadn't been to a few of those places, either, so it was an adventure for both of us.

After we returned the car, we hopped on some bikes (Clay has 2 bikes) and he gave me a ground-level bike tour of a big part of the city. We rode all over the Mission, the Castro (where there were rumors of a staged gay pride parade for the new Gus van Sant movie being filmed, but we didn't see it), Dolores Park (which is in the Castro), Haight-Ashbury, and then the Golden Gate Park. Clay's a pretty experienced urban biker, so I had a little trouble keeping up, and got really freaked out a couple of times in traffic (and he even took it easy on me!), but had a really good time. We did that for about 3 hours, then grabbed some burgers at a little joint in his neighborhood. We crashed around 6:30, when we started drinking and watching TV and are still doing both things.

Today was really fun. San Francisco makes me feel like a square. But I kind of like it.

In Dolores Park

I wore my Werner Herzog t-shirt all day in the hopes that I would run into him at some point and he would see it, but that never happened. Ah well.

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