Wednesday, April 02, 2008

And Here I Go

Despite last night's American Idol tribute to Dolly Parton being overall fairly disappointing (she didn't even perform; Martina McBride performed at her tribute night they had a couple of years ago....), it was still lots of fun to watch.

The only performance I really liked was "Jolene" by whoever that girl is that did it, and partly because that's just such a great song. The rest were pretty lifeless, uninspired and didn't much seem to suit the singers performing them.

I was really hoping someone would do "Here You Come Again," which is my all-time favorite Dolly song, and sure enough someone did, but I hated her rendition of it. She turned it from a jangly, fun, sort of wistful pop tune into a boring, mournful ballad to showcase her lackluster voice. Of course, it was astronomically good compared to Clay Aiken's heinously boring and awful version performed at some dedication thing a couple years ago (and sadly, that's probably the only version of that song that last night's performer was familiar with....).

So to cleanse my mental palette, I went online this morning to find an authentic version performed the way it's supposed to be performed. This one's great:

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Tom Drew said...

We apparently missed a lot of the show:

Does it go for, like, two hours or something?