Thursday, April 10, 2008

"Don't Rest. Don't Stop."

When Brionne Davis came in and auditioned for my short film black-eyed, I had no clue who he was or where he came from, but he scared the shit out of me.

When he was done auditioning, I was shaky and literally sweating, and I just curtly said thank you and told him he was done. We were all sort of speechless.

But since the role he was auditioning for required him to be a scary, raping psychopath, needless to say, he got the job.

Now it looks as though he's capitalizing on that fear-inducing pathos, because he plays the scary, murderous psychopath in the new Rest Stop sequel. In case you don't know him, or don't recognize him, he's the guy in the plaid shirt, with the trucker cap and moustache (sp?).

And I'm sure he's nothing if not terrifying.

Which is really funny if you know him, because he's one of the most gentle, soft-spoken people you'll ever meet. And his ability to play scary is all the more disarming because he's also really good looking.

Again, needless to say, I'm so excited to see this I could piss my pants. I can't wait!

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