Thursday, April 10, 2008

Mr. Bush, tear down that wall.

I've been extremely pissed off about this for the past 9 days. It makes me want to go down to the border and start dynamiting those fucks building that goddamn wall. Or move to Mexico and become a coyote to help people sneak across. I love how conservatives love to yammer on about "small government" and "individual rights" until it comes down to something they care about, then all that stuff goes out the window and the government is free to come in and do whatever it pleases, as long as it fulfills their fucking racist, xenophobic agenda. Oh yeah, that's right, the conservatives only oppose "big government" when it involves liberals doing something that might actually help people.

But when they're ruining people's farms, destroying fragile ecosystems, damaging already economically depressed towns, turning the United States into a hateful, fearsome police state, and possibly tearing people's families apart, that's okay, because it might keep a couple of extra brown people out of the country.

Chertoff has said the fence is good for the environment because immigrants degrade the land with trash and human waste when they sneak illegally into the country.

If that isn't the weakest, most limp-dicked rationale I've ever heard for anything in my life, then somebody shoot me. Are these people seriously running our country? Seriously? God, it's like they're not even trying anymore.

Fuck those fuckers. Nothing could possibly make me more ashamed to live in Texas than a fucking border wall. For Christ's sake. I have to stop now because it makes too depressed to think about it.

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bryan h. said...

According to some thing I read or heard on the radio recently, it's only about 40% of the undocumented immigrants that come through the southern border. The majority of them are students who overstay their visas. Not that 40% isn't a big number but finishing this fence is going to cost a lot, directly and indirectly, financially and non-financially, and still not do much to solve the "problem." We have a saying for situations like this where I work: The juice isn't worth the squeeze.