Friday, December 15, 2006

From Mark: a Movie Survey

1) Does film best tell the truth (Godard) or tell lies (De Palma) at 24
frames per second? (Thanks, Peet)
Depends who's talking.

2) Ideal pairing of actors/actresses to play on-screen siblings. Me and Romaine Duris. As long as we're gay, incestuous siblings. They make movies about that, right?

3) Favorite special effects moment. The way, in Fever Pitch, that Jimmy Fallon was made to appear even slightly charismatic or interesting or sympathetic.

4) Matt Damon or George Clooney? Can I just be in the middle?

5) What is the movie you’ve encouraged more people to see than any other? Magnolia.

6) Favorite film of 1934. I wasn't alive in 1934.

7) Your favorite movie theater*. So far, the Inwood in Dallas.

8) Jean Arthur or Irene Dunne? Who?

9) Favorite film made for children The Secret of NIMH.

10) Favorite Martin Scorsese Movie. I can't think of one Martin Scorsese movie that I've ever seen.

11) Favorite film about children. Stand By Me.

12) Favorite film of 1954. I wasn't alive in 1954.

13) Favorite screenplay written by a writer more famous for literature than
Did Stephen King write the screenplay for Carrie?

14) Walter Matthau or Jack Lemmon? What are they doing?

15) Favorite character name. Clay.

16) Favorite screenplay adapted from a work of great literature, either by
the author himself or by someone else.
Great literature rarely makes great screenplays.

17) Favorite film of 1974. I wasn't alive in 1974.

18) Joan Severance or Shannon Tweed? Who's Joan Severance again?

19) jackass: the movie-- yes or no? Duh.

20) Favorite John Cassavetes Movie. A Woman Under the Influence.

21) First R-rated movie you ever saw. i don't know, but I used to flip through the HBO guide when I was a kid and find all the movies that were marked as having Nudity in them and sneak into my brother's or parent's rooms (they had TV's) and watch them at night and try to see boobies. I think i was really looking for weiners, but I told myself I was looking for boobies, probably partly because, even as a very small child, I knew they wouldn't show weiners in those crappy beach movies about spring break. I'd be lucky to get a butt shot.

22) Favorite X-rated film (remember that, while your answer may well be a
famous or not-so-famous hard-core film, the "X" rating was once also a
legitimate rating that did not necessarily connote pornography)
Midnight Cowboy.

23) Best film of 1994. What came out in 1994?

24) Describe a moment in a movie that made you weep. When Steve-O got the beer enema in Jackass 2.

25) Ewan McGregor or Ewan Bremner? Whichever one would buy me more whiskey.

26) One of your favorite line readings (not necessarily one of your favorite
lines) from this or any year.
I don't understand this question.

27) What, if any, element in a film, upon your hearing of its inclusion
beforehand, would most likely prejudice you against seeing that film or
keeping an open mind about it?
The inclusion of Tom Cruise, Mel Gibson, Julia Roberts or robin Williams.

28) Favorite Terry Gilliam Movie. I've never seen a Terry Gilliam movie.

29) Jean Smart or Annie Potts? I don't know these people.

30) Is it possible to know with any certainty if you could like or love
someone based partially on their taste in movies? If so, what film might be
a potential relationship deal-breaker for you, or the one that might just
seal that deal?
Braveheart: deal-breaker.

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