Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Higher education is such a joke. A scam, a racket. Too bad there's so much stock in it.

First off, I get a call from school this morning at 9am, telling me I have a financial hold, and that if I'm going to take my internship class this summer, I owe them $1500 by Monday.

I was under the impression my financial aid was covering this class...?

No. The class is only 3 hours. For financial aid, I have to be enrolled in 4 hours.

Oh. By Monday?

Yes, or we have to have a payment plan worked out by then.

Secondly, grades are in. Well, most of them.

The American Dilemmas paper I worked my ass off on all semester, met with the teacher 3 times about, did everything she told me to do, and of the final product I was actually pretty proud? I got a 74.

So despite having 100's on everything in the class, and getting high B's on the first two submissions of the paper (it was written in three parts; how do I get high B's on the first two, and almost a D on the last one?), I get a B in the class. And barely a B at that.

I just went and laid on my bed and cried for 5 minutes. Apparently my best work is only worth a 74. And I can definitively say it was my best work. I worked really hard on it. I also studied my ass off in my Abnormal Psychology class and only scored a C in there as well, which is also infuriating, because I feel like I really do know the material, it's just not reflected in my grade, because I did so badly on the tests in there. Maybe I'm not cut out for Doctorate work after all. I guess I'll have to give some further thought to that.

I'm feeling so incredibly frustrated today all I want to do is go back to bed and sleep.

UPDATE: Okay, so a 74 is bad, but once again, in my Adolescent Psychology class (like my Child Development class before it, with the same professor), I got a 100% perfect score out of 200(!) on my research paper. I just stood up and danced around my office (which is the breakfast table in my kitchen). Welfare just isn't my strong point I guess. C'est la vie.

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Anonymous said...

I feel your pain. School brings out the best only in the lucky few who have figured out all the tricks and have tuned into exactly what school wants of him/her, and deliver accordingly. Good grades have almost nothing to do with how industrious you are, and it's a big scam. If I work hard and don't do well, I want to go into a corner and never be seen by anyone again. It's awful what stupid grades do to our psyches. I hope it gets better for you! But congrats on your 100%!!

just someone who was reading your blog and is in a similar place.... :)