Thursday, June 21, 2007

Heavy Waists

Last night was a camp-wide campout, which means the counselors took all the girls in the whole camp out camping somewhere on the property. I walked out with Annie and her group for a bit until they got lost, then I decided to go back by myself. About five minutes later, I was lost myself, by myself, when I happened upon the spot they were supposed to be. I briefly thought bout being really nice and going back to tell them, but figured they'd have more fun figuring it out for themselves.

The rest of the staff, about 6 of us, drove into town to have dinner. We ended up at Pizza Hut, because no one wanted to take the time to find a real, local restaurant, which was mostly okay by me. We ate at the buffet, and I gorged myself almost sick. I think we all did. Which is funny, because there's a pretty common consensus that camp food is shockingly not bad, just disproportianatley (I have completely lost my ability to spell since I got here!) greasy and sugary, and veggies are mostly non-existent. Afterwards we killed some time at Wal-Mart (ah, small-town life!), then came back and watched Heavyweights, starring Ben Stiller and written by Judd Apatow, because it was filmed here in 1995. The camp owns a copy of it. It was kind of cool seeing camp everywhere, but the movie wasn't much good.

Yesterday I also learned how to kayak, and was the first time I've swam since I got here. Next time I kayak I'll try to get some pics; they also put up the "high ropes" course yesterday, and I guess they're going to start putting girls up on it tomorrow. I'm going to tackle that, too, because it looks awesome. And scary.

Yesterday in the gym I found an old, dusty copy of the first McSweeney's book, so I took it. That was exciting.

Yesterday, the Stranger in Seattle ran a feature on Homo History, featuring a short paragraph or two highlighting something significant from every year since the Stonewall riots in 1969. It features writers like Edmund White, Dan Savage, Andrew Sullivan, and others. It's pretty interesting, and features history just like I like it: in bite-size morsels.

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