Sunday, June 17, 2007

Mills the Dog

My new best friend at camp is a silly little dog named Mills. (His mommy, Charlotte, is pretty cool too.) Everytime Mills sees me, he comes bounding up to greet me, then walks along next to me. He's also fond of crawling up into my lap and curling up, whether I'm working or just sitting on the couch or something. I love him. He's no Ruby the Dog, or Ada the Dog; I mean, they're family. But he's pretty great.
Mills the Dog relaxing on the couch.
Mills and Charlotte having a serious conversation.
They worked everything out.
Here he is, having crawled up into my lap while I was trying to work.
Charlotte doesn't know how to focus the camera.


Stacy said...

Camp dogs rule!

bryan h. said...

i love mills, too.

bryan h. said...

It looks like Mills has the same look on his face in all these pictures. Are you sure he's real?