Wednesday, September 05, 2007

I'm filled with hatred and it knows no bounds.

A Dead Motherfucker.

D. James Kennedy, megachurch pastor and co-founder of the Religious Right and the "moral majority," ate it today, and the world somehow became a nicer place to be. Some of his choice quotes:

"With other dangerous and contagious diseases, all sorts of efforts are made to identify those carrying the disease, and to minimize their contact with the public. And yet, here we have homosexual rights groups working day and night to make sure AIDS victims ARE NOT IDENTIFIED! Until action is taken, AIDS victims are free to infect anyone." (Newsletter, 1989)

One newsletter from D. James Kennedy's Coral Ridge Ministries featured a photograph of very young children under the headline "SEX WITH CHILDREN? HOMOSEXUALS SAY YES!" The newsletter asserts "Adult sex with children has been a crucial component of the homosexual movement all along, and officially since the 1993 March on Washington when it was included as a demand (#55) in their famous manifesto." (Hmmm.... how come nobody sent me a copy of the manifesto? It might have made my life a lot easier when I was around 20 or so.)

On evolution: it "led to the death of nine million people in Nazi Germany.... The greatest mass murderers of all time [are] all compliments of evolution,"[23] an idea reflected in Coral Ridge's controversial documentary Darwin's Deadly Legacy in 2006.

His church, Coral Ridge Presbytarian, also hosted the "Love Won Out" conference last year, which is a big ole gathering of "ex-gays" who all sit around and talk about how not gay they are for 3 days.

And speaking of not gay, the Republican debate tonight.... I mean, are they serious? All they can do is bash immigrants, bash gays, bash immigrants, talk about who's been to war and who hasn't, talk about September 11th, then bash immigrants some more.

Christ. We're in serious trouble, folks. I'm gonna go eat some leftover chocolate cake, listen to some Madonna, and contemplate the end of the world now. I'll be in my room if you need me.

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