Thursday, May 08, 2008

Hopefully he won't mind my telling this story, such as it is....

Last night, whilst deeply sleeping in the wee hours, Tom, apparently, in some sort of half-awake, half-asleep, dream-like state, had a holy vision of myself, standing next to his bed, urinating on his bookshelf in the dark.

"Ryan!!!" he cried out, in shock and disbelief.

Seeing as how I was actually peacefully asleep in bed, next to him, and not, as he believed, urinating on his bookshelf, at his exclamation, I shot up, my heart racing, immediately ready to react to some sort of emergency.

At this, Tom was now fully awake, and confused, as was I, but only for about half a second, after which I promptly fell back to deep sleep.

After breakfast this morning, I was informed that my startled reaction also elicited a gaseous expulsion of Biblical proportions from my butt.

Of which I was completely unaware since I was already asleep again.

The End.

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Tom Drew said...

Any publicity is good publicity!