Friday, July 29, 2005

i don't like the drugs, but the drugs like me

so, i had one of the most pleasant dreams last night. it was a perfectly mild, breezy, sunny Spring day and i was just riding my bike all over town, so happy to be young and fit and....alive, i guess. that sounds so, like, "life-affirming" or something, but it's true. except the town in which i was riding around was a weird combination of austin, and my hometown in arkansas, but i was riding to 33 Degress (R.I.P) to buy the new rancid record or something. the details are scant, but it was a really good feeling.

i guess the drugs are finally working.

also, on my jog this morning, i noticed that the people in my neighborhood drink a lot. at least judging by all the wine and beer bottles in all of their recycle bins that were sitting out by the curb. perhaps i should start getting to know my neighbors better.

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