Thursday, July 28, 2005

so what do you do with a rebel shoe?

i finally submitted my UT application yesterday. i'm really nervous for some reason. i have no doubts that i'll be accepted, but the thought of not being accepted in as a nearly 30-year-old undergrad would be the single most depressing thing that could have happened to me so far in my life.

thus far, not finishing my undergrad degree when i was supposed to is the single biggest regret of my life. in high school i had big dreams of going to NYU, or UCLA, or some small, liberal arts college like Sarah Lawrence. i never really pursued it b/c i was terrified, and probably it's for the best b/c i was never a great student. i finished at the Art Institute with a respectable GPA, but nothing to holler about. i just didn't want to be in school at that time, b/c i couldn't see the value of it, or what "real life" was really gonna be like. so now, here i am, 28, and getting my bachelors. but at least i'm doing it. and i'm going to be a great student, so that i can go to a great grad school when i'm done. and UT has some really cool stuff to offer, like a semester on their campus in Los Angeles, where you can take classes and intern at a studio. i'm also looking into their study abroad program, and i've narrowed it down to 4 cities that i'm really interested in: edinburgh, Scotland, Florence, Auckland, and Buenos Aires. all of which i think would be hella cool.

so who knows what will happen. i'm just gonna go with the flow and deal with what is handed to me, b/c if there's one thing i've learned in my life it's not to make plans, b/c they'll never ever pan out the way you think. you can consult a map, but usually the highways never really end up going where they say they're going to.

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