Thursday, July 21, 2005

Memo to the World: Things that have already irritated the crap out of me this morning, and it's only 9am.

1. La Tazza Fresca not being open at 8:00 this morning. THEY'RE A COFFEE SHOP!!!!!! radio at work never ever ever getting good reception on channel 104.3, which is howard stern.

3. having to stand in line behind people with indecisive little kids at Quack's, after having to drive up there, b/c La Tazza Fresca wasn't open. at 8:00 in the morning.

4. waiting behind same child and father trying to exit the coffee shop, while the kid just stands there staring and chewing on her stuffed animal while the father tries to coax her out the door, but is otherwise blocking it with her stroller.

5. my power steering making that weird grinding noise again.

6. my allergies.

7. terrorists. more explosions in london this morning. i'm getting really sick of this crap. i'm getting to the point where i think we should just nuke the whole middle east. am i becoming a republican?

8. the construction workers constantly closing lanes on 45th street, tearing up all the pavement, then putting it all back down, but leaving huge holes, uneven lanes, cracks, and the roads in much worse shape than they ever were before. i don't understand why when you go in to fix all the pipes (which probably don't even need to be done), you can't replace the pavement smoothly and not leave giant potholes in it.

9. trying to print out my huge report at work, going to the printer to pick it up, then finding out the printer is out of paper, so i fill it up, and all the backed-up reports from all morning start printing out before mine, b/c no one in my office ever goes to the printer and picks up their reports, whereas if they ever did, someone would have noticed, long before i did, that the printer was out of paper, refilled it, had the reports previous to mine come out, then mine could have come out when it was supposed to, rather than have me stand there for 3 hours waiting on everybody else's crap!

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