Tuesday, September 13, 2005

but i don't eat them

since having my nose surgery, i've noticed a lot of changes. obviously, i can breathe much better, my stamina has already improved noticeably, i don't have to carry around snotty tissues in my pockets all the time, i don't have to practically have a tampon stuck up my nose every morning for the first 2 hours while i drain from the night before. it's even given me a weird sense of confidence, since i don't feel sort of visibly sickly and runny and with a raw nose all the time. it's really great.

but one of the greatest pleasures i've discovered, is that since my sinuses can now actually dry up and retain oxygen, i have lots and lots of boogers! it's kind of exciting. instead of there just being a constant drip of wet snot, i can actually pick my nose again. it's very gratifying.

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