Monday, August 28, 2006

SexyBack (to school!)

Today is my first day back at school. I have class at 9. Child Development. Then I have Social Psychology, and that's all for today. I'm very excited about both of those classes. I'm also really excited about my Neuroscience class, but that's not until next semester.

I will always be a creature of habit and routine, I'm afraid. This summer was really nice for a couple of weeks once I returned from Mexico (and it only seems like a couple of weeks ago that Kurt was dropping me off at the bus station and telling me I was gonna have so much fun when I expressed my reservations about going), but then when the new of being home wore off, I was kind of climbing up the walls. I had no job, no school, and nothing to structure my day. So I developed my own structure, which was getting up at the same time every day, doing my breakfast thing, where I drink my coffee, cook up som eggs, and settle down in front of the computer to read the news, blogs, etc.

I enjoy doing that a lot more, though, on days like today, when I can only do it for a few minutes (instead of indefinitely, until I just decide to do something else), and then I have to go. To school.

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