Sunday, April 08, 2007

Happy Birthday to Me!

April is Counseling Awareness Month.

April is National Drug & Alcohol Dependency Awareness Month.

April is Autism Awareness Month, and Child Abuse Prevention Month.

April is International Guitar Month, Foot Health Awareness Month, and Holocaust Remembrance Month.

April is also Occupational Therapy Month, STD Awareness Month, Sexual Assault Awareness Month, and Welding Month!

Celebrities born on April 8th:
Patricia Arquette
Betty Ford
Julian Lennon
Kofi Annan
Biz Markie
Robin Wright Penn
Tom Delay
John Madden
Izzy Stradlin
Seymour Hersh

And some people who died on April 8th:
Kurt Cobain (well, technically he died on the 4th)
Pablo Picasso
Ryan White


Positive Traits: pioneering, adventurous, energetic, courageous, enterprising, confident, dynamic, quick-witted and freedom-loving

Negative Traits: selfish, quick-tempered, impulsive, impatient, foolhardy and undiplomatic

Likes: action, challenge, spontaneity, championing causes and coming in first

Dislikes: waiting, tyranny, failure, lack of opposition and the advice of others

Suitable Future Careers:
Medicine - Dentistry - Art - Music - Entertainment - Social Work - Advertising
Psychiatry - Engineering - Electronics - Sales - Armed Forces

In essence, Aries governs leadership and initiative, as well as using energy to make things happen. Aries subjects are vital, instinctual and forever young...the perpetual Children of the Zodiac who are constantly in search of identity. These are joyful, dynamic, assertive, outspoken and brave individuals who celebrate life, but who can also be intolerant, impatient, impulsive and overly-emotional. There is a deficient capacity here for self-reflection and a tendency to take ill-considered risks. Those born under the Sign of Aries should strive to direct their power toward mature and constructive ends, as well as attempting to master the slow process of self-education, if they are to bring to fruition the projects they begin with such elemental enthusiasm.

The Aries male is ambitious, hardworking and successful. Perhaps this man's most irritating fault is contradiction. He possesses much knowledge and heaven help the individual who gets his or her facts wrong. The male ruled by Aries plans for the future with a view toward an exciting and progressive life. Although romantic at heart, there is sometimes no pleasing this man, but he is constant and true by nature. As a sweetheart, he will almost certainly want to be the center of his loved one's attention and probably take it for granted that he is. He adores fun and can be utterly charming. Flattery works well with this man because he can take a virtually infinite amount...provided he does not suspect it is a line. As a life partner, he is warm-hearted but somewhat bossy, and probably prefers a career in the armed forces or as a managing director. At home, the man governed by this Sign likes to be waited on hand-and-foot but in return, he is ready and willing to fight for the best for his loved ones.

A distinguished and desirable soul, the Aries male is somewhat fussy by nature and rather exacting in his dealings with others. His romantic mental picture often demands perfection. Conventional in thought, this man expects a high moral standard from loved ones, regardless of his own private irregularities, which may be manifested in the form of an isolated adventurous fling. Outspoken to a fault, the male governed by Aries refuses to hide anything he feels like doing. Somewhat physically demanding in arena of romance, he will look elsewhere if not gratified. Ardent, proud and brimming with personality, this male is likely to remain a romantic soul throughout his entire life. He does possesses a rather voracious appetite in that regard, which he refuses to sublimate. No substitution devotion will satisfy the Aries man, but a partner can gain his everlasting faithfulness if there is physical harmony.


Mandy said...

Happy birthday!!!!!!

Victor says "put my name too! put my name too!" so I guess this is from both of us.

Stacy said...

My neice Skyler was born on April 10th and she Rocks! Aries are cool!