Thursday, April 12, 2007

It's Official!!

I haven't signed the contract, but I have (un)officially accepted a job at Camp Pinnacle. I'm going to be the camp photographer, and basically just be in charge of taking 50-60 photos a day, and attend as many of the various events as I can, and take pictures of every kid.

There are two 4-week sessions, one for all girls, and one for all boys, each one containing about 150 campers. Each night I'll have to upload and edit all the pictures onto the website, label them with the campers' names (which means I have to learn who every kid is), and every 2 days or so, write a little newsletter about the goings-on of the camp, all for the parent's benefit. They log onto the website and track everything their kids do (seriously, what the hell did people do before the internet? How did people communicate? Smoke signals? It seems crazy).

The tentative dates that I'll be gone are pretty much exactly eight weeks: June 5th to August 5th.

It's especially cool that I'm going to this particular camp, too, because I'll probably get to see Matt fairly frequently, and my whole family is going to Knoxville, and then to the Biltmore in Asheville, so I'll probably get to hook up with all of them at some point, too. It'll be a fun summer.

I'm very, very excited. Hopefully it will all turn out better than this camp did.

The Blue Ridge Mountains outside Asheville


Stacy said...

It looks so beautiful!

Victor said...

Congratulations. Maybe this will convince us to finally go visit North Carolina.

Warwick said...

Ho-Lee-Shit! I was catching up on you the other day and stopped at the Lucinda Williams post. I come back to finish and see the very next post. I fucking went to Camp Pinnacle when I was in 4th or 5th grade or whenever it was. Wow.