Monday, April 02, 2007

In case anyone had any doubt that the Republicans have always hated the gays.

This guy has started posting pictures on his blog from the archives of ACT UP, commemorating their 20th anniversary this year.

He only has 2 pictures up at the moment, but I like this one a lot, and think it speaks volumes. It's a group of college Republicans staging a counter-protest against ACT UP in 1988, when the AIDS crisis was reaching its cresecendo. In fact, I think the image is almost chilling.

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stacy said...

It's scary to rememeber those days. When I was an exchange student in Wales, we had a gay theatre troop coming to the local theatre and the director actually donned a haz suit and carried a bottle of bleach for a protest picture in the local paper.
Even back then, when we were all kind of figuring this out, we knew that was mean and stupid and we protested his protest and the shows were very well attended.
These ActUpers are dorkos...