Monday, April 02, 2007

I'm sort of loath to even draw attention to it, because I think the less attention they get, the better, but I couldn't peel my eyes away.

I've posted the first part of a 7-part BBC documentary on the Phelps (the crazy God Hates Fags family) called The Most Hated Family in America. So far I've only watched the first episode (each one is about 8 minutes) but I'm sure I'll watch them all in time. Or maybe I'll get bored.

Honestly, these people are so nuts, and everybody hates them so much, that they don't get me riled up like people do who actually have any power or influence. If anything, the Phelps probably turn more people sympathetic to the gays than create any more hatred. I just wish people wouldn't engage with them, or have them on talk shows. (Although I guess that makes me a bit of a hypocrite posting this video. Oh well.)

And sadly, if nothing else, I hate them because in the clip they inspire Sean Hannity to actually say something I agree with. And that turns my stomach.


Mark said...

I used to have a crush on Louis Theroux. He had a hour long show on Bravo back in the late 90's-early 00's.

It was one of the things I looked forward too when I first moved to Austin - along with Northern Exposure reruns and Professional Wrestling - b/c I had no friends.

myumblog said...

ryan! i love your blog!!! xoxo- Maya (kat & karens' friend....)

The Fire Next Time said...

I know who you are! Thank you very much; I really appreciate that.

And congratulations on your recent success. That must be incredibly exciting.