Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Hitler's Children

In my Social Psychology class, there's a couple that comes in a few minutes late every single day. They're both blond, blue-eyed, male/female, immaculately dressed; I swear to God they look like what Hitler must have imagined as being perfectly Aryan. Neither of them look over 20, and you'd think they might be brother and sister, or maybe even twins.

But no. Or, well, I hope not. They both wear wedding rings; hers, especially, is monstrous. And then after class, every day, when everyone is shuffling out, they clasp hands, look into each other's eyes and smile. His smile is one of affection; hers seems to be more of adoration, though her eyes look hollow. Maybe he's actually just leading her?

Either way, the adoration/affection ratio for men/women, and gay men (divided up between those able to feel real emotions, and those only able to approximate them; the "feelers" falling into the "feminine" category, the "approximaters" falling into the "masculine" category) seems to be right in line.

Which, as luck would have it, leads me to this extraordinarily creepy Missed Connection.

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