Friday, October 13, 2006

Do you know my name, do you even care?

It's not very often that something comes along and instantly transports you back to a much more innocent and less self-conscious time in your life, when you really thought stardom was a given, and the world would soon be yours, if only you could get out of your little dead-end town.

Well, this morning, I was reminded of that time in mine and my oldest friend's life (as in, the friend I've had the longest), and our shared missed destiny.

Where do dead dreams go?

Happy Friday, everyone.


Mandy said...

Friday the 13th, even.

Strangely, I was talking to my coworker today about when we had talked about living together in Austin, and she said that in high school, she and her gay best friends had serious plans of moving to NYC and living together. What is it about small town girls and small town gay boys that make them want to run away to the Big Apple together?

Mandy said...

I totally meant "gay best friend" up there, not "friends."