Wednesday, October 04, 2006


I've been debating for a short time about whether or not to comment on this whole Foley scandal, but now that 2 inevitable things have happened, I feel the need to post. The first being Foley announcing his alcoholism and molestation as a child. Boo hoo! I have nothing but the utmost sympathy for people with emotional problems, addictions, and traumatic childhoods, but to start using those things as defenses in a situation like this is irrelevant, misguided and cheap.

But come on, take some god damn responsibility. Real responsibility.

I'm tempted to feel a little sorry for the guy, honestly. Only someone with a deeply imbedded shame about who they are would do these kinds of things, and go so fucking far out of their way to present themselves as the complete opposite kind of person, and even enact bills and laws to more severely punish people for doing things that they do. It's really sad and it's sick, and I'm glad the man is getting treatment, but obviously he knew he had these issues, and has apparently been preying on teenagers for at least 11 years now. Why did it take him getting "outed" to finally seek help? Was getting outed his "rock bottom?" I'm tempted to say no, since it seems he probably would still be doing the same predatory things, and keeping on keeping on had he not finally been busted. So I can firmly say, "Fuck you, Mark Foley!" There are lots of people out there who have substance abuse problems and were molested or abused as children, or who suffer from intense shame about who they are, and what their desires are, that don't wreck other people's lives. And shame on everybody for sitting on this. It makes me wanna fucking throw up. To me, this is almost the same as gay bashers using the gay panic defense, which seems to be pretty in vogue these days.

Which brings me to my next point, which is that I've actually been very impressed with how little the mainstream media has jumped on the whole gay aspect of this, but of course the pathetic, small-minded conservatives have now started their typical hateful harping. Check out some of those quotes. They're pretty priceless. Or this enlightening article from a Christian newspaper blaming the GOP party for "flirting" with pro-homosexual policies, when there is clearly a "predatory component to male homosexuality." Um, what about the fact that at least 2 out of 3 male congressman are probably fucking their female pages? I'm just saying.

I know it's ridiculous to get mad about this, and of course the conservatives are going to do everything in their power to distance themselves from this, but still, I just can't believe that these are the people running our country.

And to top it all off, Dennis Hastert needs to be hung from a tree by his dick. What a fucking smug, shady idiot. It's fascinating to me how quickly politicians can spin this shit to make it have absolutely nothing, but nothing, to do with the real issue at hand. I'm not saying that only Republicans do this, but they sure have been good at it lately.

It also seems to me that perhaps it's not the Democrats, but the Republicans, who are the ones with really convenient timing. Sacrificing one for the sake of the Coach, eh boys?

And last, but not least, this ad that ran in a NY bar zine is by far the tackiest and most irresponsible ad I've seen in awhile:

I need to get off the internet today.

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