Monday, February 12, 2007

If I can't marry him, maybe I could just eat him

Stephen Colbert-flavored ice cream?

Salon has the scoop:

Colbert taste test: We asked; you responded. We got a flood of suggestions for Ben & Jerry's rumored Stephen Colbert-flavored ice cream, a number involving eagles and bears and a version of the hard-to-say Colbert Sherbet. We'll print more over the rest of the week (send your suggestions to, but here are some of our favorites:

Yummy Stephen ColberryStephen Colbert's All-American Eagle Food
A ribbon of apple-pie-flavored ice cream, swirled with cream ice cream, and salmon- and trout-shaped pie-crust-flavored pieces. (Thanks, Christi!)

Stephen Colbert's Big Scoop of Balls
Malt-flavored ice cream with a chocolate swirl and whole Whoppers ... just like the lies the Democrats serve to the American people. (Thanks, Keith!)

Fudgya ("Great flavor? Or the greatest flavor?")
The Colbert Dessert (pronounced, of course, "des-air"). (Thanks, David!)

Stephen Jr.'s Eagle Tracks
Vanilla ice cream with red and blue swirls and candy eagle eggs. Mission Egg-Complished! (Thanks, Vic!)

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