Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Lurker II: Dark Son of Night

You know what the worst thing is about working retail on Valentine's Day? All those really cute sexually ambiguous boys that you vaguely flirt with as you're ringing up their items that come in all the time, by themselves, and just buy a few little things (which clearly means they live alone) end up coming to your store and spending $60 on flowers, and $20 on chocolate, and buy a $30 bottle of wine.

Which completely smashes all hopes you ever had of ever actually flirting with them enough to get them to flirt back.

It's not that you're surprised they're straight and have girlfriends, it's just that it ruins the fantasy, and now you have to start all over and find all new really cute sexually ambiguous regular customers to flirt with.

And I know they're straight because if they were gay they'd be single, and probably have just arbitrarily decided the week before to just stop returning the calls of whatever incredibly fabulous boy they'd been dating for the past month. Like the idiots that they are.*

*Any bitterness noted by the reader in that last sentence is a purely subjective inference on the part of said reader.

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zen imbecile said...

This is typical "boy." They break up with you right before the "big day" whatever that may be.

Especially someone who has already confessed to being "commitment-phobic."

A very good friend of mine is now married to the man who broke up with her right before Valentine's Day EVERY YEAR for years.