Tuesday, February 20, 2007

"People have started to mate with vegetables."

Below I have posted two clips from a BBC2 television show called Top Gear, about three British men driving through America.

I must admit, they have bigger balls than I do. The first clip involves nearly getting killed by an angry mob at a gas station in Alabama after painting "provocative" slogans on their cars.

Some may say it's jaundiced and cynical, and they were intentionally provoking a reaction (and they are), but the fact that it works is what's funny. And lest you think these people aren't real, I had multiple encounters of these types as a teenager in Arkansas. And where I grew up (for the most part) isn't nearly as primitive as this place in Alabama. Honestly, I had a physiological reaction to watching this first video. But it's also quite funny.

The second clip is a more serious (and shorter) look at some Hurricane Katrina footage that's a little more stark than you're likely to see on mainstream news.

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