Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Andrew Sullivan's Take

Well, you've asked me directly for my view, so here it is. At the risk of spoiling the illusion, the God Hates Fags video is, when you examine the site more closely, and watch the video more attentively, a brilliant piece of performance art. So brilliant it illuminates what it satirizes more deeply than any argument could.

I wonder what he means by "examine the site more closely."



Anonymous said...

the biggest tip off I can see is that the sites reference nothing but the video. Its all in service of getting the video out there. The only song ever mentioned is "The Bible Says". I also did a Whois lookup to see who owned all the domain names. There were all done through a proxy service, which seems a little paranoid for the average guy just "trying to get the word out". Other than that it just reeks of viral video attempt.


Anonymous said...

its funny though.

I mean God does fags and all, and that's not the funny part. Its funny because he so obviously isn't playing an Am Dim chord in the 72 bar. What an idiot!


zen imbecile said...

Also, and this is a biggie, the quote from Oscar Wilde is about the human condition NOT the gay condition. More importantly, Oscar Wilde was absolutely positively NOT a "reformed" homosexual. And this quote is on every page.