Tuesday, January 23, 2007

I had no idea such unbridled self-loathing and scary hostility could have me rolling in stitches on the floor laughing!

I mean, come on. Are you really singing that with a straight face? (No pun intended.) It's like a Saturday Night Live skit. Regardless, it is hi-larious. I mean, you know, if it weren't so sad.

NSFW, by the way, unless your boss is a raging "ex-gay" homophobe who thinks gay people should die.


stacy said...

is this f'real?
no way!

Mandy said...

People like this guy, and everyone who made this possible, make me want to quit Christianity altogether.

That's the most un-Christian message that they're sending out. Uggh.

But yeah, it's hilarious.

bryan h. said...

according to this song's lyrics, god represents salvation, strength, love, oh and also hating fags.

i was buying this until the refrain, then i didn't believe it. but then i went to the website. that it even exists convinces me they're real, but that it's in pretty shoddy condition reassures me that, at least right now, this organization is even further from mainstream 21st century america than you think. (by the way, did oscar wilde actually "reform" his homosexual ways?)

it links to donnie's webpage. in addition to singing, he is a youth minister in houston. his website has a link to his myspace page. he has 117 friends. also, he's single.

Stacy said...

Houston! That explains it.
I don't know what to say to this except Jesus loves us just the way we are we're made in God's image.

ryan said...

Dude, Jesus is the only guy that Donnie loves. He said so. Because he's not gay, but it's okay to love Jesus. cuz He doesn't wanna poke you. Theoretically.

Also, I'm really surprised that he's single....

bryan h. said...

i assumed that "single" was code for "gay."