Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Tomorrow's Forecast: Chaos?

I'm not one to buy into "fear hype" typically, but there is one area where it works on me every time: global warming. The prospect of environmental global chaos, water shortages, and all the other sundry issues that go along with it, is probably the most terrifying thing I can imagine. More than terrorism, more than an alien invasion (don't laugh, that's my #2 fear. I'm serious), more than...I don't know what. I know it makes most people nervous, but it really does keep me awake at night if I think about it. I think it scares me so much because it's something that (at least by the time it gets to that point) is completely out of our control.

Yeah, you can always just check out, but for some reason, the thought of doing that because I'm more or less forced to makes me realy mad and apprehensive. As opposed to the idea of doing it because I choose to, which makes perfect sense to me. It's just another alternative to living. But what if you want to live, but wars are being waged over water, and the globe is in complete anarchy, and everyone is suffering?

It scares me bad.

On a somewhat related note, the new Explosions in the Sky record is fucking awesome. Of course. I love the first song the best.

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bryan h. said...

wars, anarchy, suffering?
doesn't that describe most of the rest of the world right now?
relax, things are pretty easy here.