Monday, January 22, 2007

I never did care much for pepperoni pizza.

An interesting two-some. Denesh D'Souza and Ted Haggard?

While we're on the subject of evangelicals and homosexuality, one would think that the recent spate of de-closeted evangelical preachers would produce an honest reckoning from the religious right. Haggard and Barnes are nothing new; leaders of the "reparative therapy" movement often get caught sleeping with men. So if the religious right's own leaders are gay, might that not alter these people's perception of homosexuality, just a tad bit? Eh, not so much. You see, for this crowd, it doesn't matter that homosexuality has existed throughout human history and across cultures. So have rape, murder and theft. Homosexuality is merely behavior: misbehavior. These preachers are not homosexuals, they're straight men who succumbed to improper impulses, like an otherwise perfect driver who takes a left on red.

Yeah, I know. More of the same....

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