Thursday, January 25, 2007

Singles Going Steady

At work, one of my managers is a real hip college girl I'll call A. We like to pretend like we're going out, or "going steady" as I say, and which A. thinks is hilarious. We pretend to make out in front of the other managers and flirt a lot, but really we just gossip about which boys we think are cute that work there.

Anyway, sometimes she likes to walk up to me when I'm with a customer and look real mad and say things like, "So, I thought you were gonna come over last night after you got off work, but I heard you went to that other girl's house. I even rented Gone With the Wind for us to watch! But you never showed up!" And then she'll storm off, leaving the customer completely perplexed, and myself a little embarassed.

Now, there's another manager, also a female, whom I'll call N., who has never really participated in any of these shenanigans, and is usually the picture of professionalism. You know, one of those types who's nice, but kind of stuffy and takes her job way too seriously. A few weeks ago I crossed her a bit by doing something I probably shouldn't have done, but which nonetheless wasn't a big deal, but she totally freaked out about it. Even the other managers told me she was way overreacting and not to pay any attention, because it didn't matter. Anyway, she and I get along just fine, and after a couple of days after the "incident," it was forgotten.

So today I'm working, minding my own business, helping a customer, when N. walks up to my station and just stands there staring at me. And she looks pissed. I look over at her and kind of furrow my brow in puzzlement, but she just continues to stand there staring at me. I'm assuming she's waiting for me to finish my transaction before she says anything. So, heart pounding, and with fingers suddenly trembling, I keep going. But damn, this lady's buying a lot of stuff.

Finally, while the customer is still standing there, N. says, "You are in so much trouble."

I immediately feel my face redden and can't believe that she would start scolding me in front of a customer. But I try to be cool, and I'm all, you know, real casual-like, "Oh yeah?"

N. nods. "Oh yeah," she says. "I heard that apparently there's some other girl here who's under the impression that she's going steady with you. And I think you need to set the record straight."

I swear to god, my jaw and the customer's jaw dropped simultaneously. But then N. and I both started laughing and she walked off.

I guess I have a really guilty conscience. And now I wonder if N. and A. are planning some kind of double assault.

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zen imbecile said...

I just chortled at this. It echoed through the office.

(OK that's not an entirely unique occurence but IMHO it is still noteworthy.)