Tuesday, March 20, 2007

I stole this from Stacy* because I thought it was hilarious, and because I hate irony. And hipsters.

"Alt.heimer's" is a term that the Slang Dictionary defines as "a condition
afflicting chronic hipsters who can no longer recall if they like something
genuinely or ironically.

Example: 'As Ron stared at the hideous leather
pants and retro Star Wars sheets he'd just purchased, he realized his
Alt.heimer's was advancing with terrifying speed.'"
-Rob Brezsny

*Stacy's blog.


zen imbecile said...

It's like a symptom of sincasm - the act of genuinely liking something but pretending that you don't because you're embarrassed.

zen imbecile said...

I meant "pretending to like it ironically because you're embarrassed."