Sunday, March 11, 2007

I'm not sayin' he's a starf*cker...

...but what are the odds that I'd be right next to Alan Cumming 2 nights in a row. It was supposed to be lesbians tonight, but I guess they were too precious to come out in the torrential rain. But Alan Cumming was bartending. He gave me my drink. I was even next to the paparazzo that got literally thrown out of the bar because he wouldn't stop taking pictures. To Alan's credit, he was very patient and nice about it, and politely asked several times for him to stop taking pictures, but he just wouldn't. But then finally the other bartenders, like, wrestled the guy out. I guess he deserved it.

I also met Jamie Babbit tonight. She's very tiny and cute. Tonight also made me incredibly happy that I no longer "make films" and feel the need (and pressure) to constantly go to these things and schmooze. I can just go and enjoy myself and if I happen to meet a cool director (or a nice celebrity) then I do, but I don't beat myself up about not chatting them up, or coming across as cooler (or something), or being horribly inept at "schmoozing."

Apropos to that link, does anyone besides me detest the new IMDB layout? Ick. It's horrible.

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