Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Sometimes I don't, actually, regret once saying that America deserves whatever it gets.

And, you know, you really can't blame the conservatives for being so scared and freaked out. America is, by definition, a liberal and progressive country, that, I believe in my heart of hearts, ultimately does the right thing, even if it might take decades.

- Arkansas votes today to keep 800 foster children homeless. Because it's what's best for them.

- Dan Savage rips Garrison Keillor a new one after the self-appointed leftist argues that gay men are to effiminate to raise children. And shame on Salon for running it.

- And lastly, some professor at UNC makes an open call for the execution of homosexuals. And yet, somehow he's allowed to keep his job. Because the title "How to Bomb a Tennessee Blues Joint to Kill a Whole Bunch of Those Self-Righteous Niggers" just doesn't have the same ring to it.

And conservatives think that America's university system is all run by pinko commie lefties. Silly fucking morons.

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